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Meet a WIP Character - Halcy

Name: Halcy A. Scott

Also goes by: Birdie

Job: College student

Halcy is the kind of person whose presence changes everything. She has made waves since long before she was born. Just ask her mother, Kate. During her pregnancy, doctors told Kate that there was a complication with her daughter's brain. She was born seemingly normal. Only years later would the family discover that normal wasn't even close. At the age of 22, Halcy discovers an ability to mentally connect with her grandmother. The only problem? Her grandmother is a murderer who disappeared nearly a decade and a half ago. She uses this connection to get answers about her family's mystery. Oh, and to save the world. Sort of. You'll have to read the book to know more about that. [Winky emoji]

Aside from all that, Halcy is a force. Though she grew up with a loving but wounded and anxious mother, Halcy is nothing like Kate. She is strong, quirky, and, above all else, dramatic. She loves mystery, wants to write crime novels, and has trouble understanding how Kate can remain so withdrawn in such an interesting world. But through the course of the story, Halcy comes to realize that the world does harbor monsters. Life is exciting but is not just a page-turner. Real lives are at risk. Sometimes our stories are torn in half and we must piece them back together by understanding each other.

The growth I see in Halcy is one of my favorite aspects of this book. I believe we all harbor pieces of her inside us. We forget that everyone else is fighting his/her/their own war. Battle scars may not define us but they mold us into who we are and color every action and reaction. We push boundaries and march to the beats of our own drums. We don't obey. We ultimately learn from our experiences. These are what make Halcy and these are what make us.

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