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Philosophy. Time travel. Fortune Cookies.

Published June 2022 by Ellipsis Imprints.

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Check out the trailer for the book here! Turn on sound for the full experience :)

Matt is into heavy metal and really enjoys a good idiom. He also happens to be the most sophisticated AI the world has ever seen.

After the death of his beloved creator Dr. Elizabeth Davis, Matt finds many things while going through her laboratory. But it is a simple, hand written note she left that changes everything.

Matt learns of something called Event Zero, which somehow ties him to the great minds of centuries past. Obsessed with idea of learning about his origins and tempted by the prospect of rewriting Dr. Davis's tragic ending, Matt is determined to time travel. But can he move through time without messing everything up?

How far would you go to save the only person you've ever known?



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"Cogito ergo sum."

Check out my post below about Matt becoming more than just a character and writing letters to real people!

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