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Bleed Into One

This song is about synesthesia, a condition in which two or more senses bleed into each other. This can occur in many ways but the most common types include the experience of seeing color with music or letters.

In these lyrics I wanted to explore the way things are all tied together, hence the reference to string theory in the first verse. Some synesthetes experience sensations on their own bodies when they see someone else getting touched (referenced in second verse).

Bleed Into One

Do you dream in color?

Does it echo in your ears?

Crevices in my mind

Can taste you in my tears

A fractal voice

As we all sing

Another theory of everything

Tied up in a beautiful String


Senses blurred in violet haze

Notes and photons locked in phase

It comes alive, it comes undone

Bleeding into one

Bleeding into one

Do you feel my hands

Grazing your skin

When I touch myself

Is it needles and pins?

One dimension more

Can you hear it too?

Drench my heart

In shades of blue

There's no divide

It's all gone

When you bleed right into one

Time and space

Are standing still

All the poets have been killed

They're bleeding into one