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Dance with Oblivion

Fair Oblivion invites me to dance

I accept

And take her hand

Soft and otherworldly

Her pheromones of gravity pull at me

I dance, my head on her shoulder

She smells like the stars

And all the dreams

We collectively pretend to own

(Though we know they are never

Ours to hold for long

They belong to the

Wavelengths of the nocturne)

She dips me

And I smile

We move in sync

Twirling about the cosmos

But the rotational velocity

Becomes too much

For my unsteady, mortal legs

She lets my small hands go

I whirl, a swirling nebular cloud

Pits in my abdomen like

Dying, punctate stars

I collapse, and all my light is gone

Why? I ask,

Meteor showers

On my cheek

My knees skinned and crusted

In dark matter

Child, she says,

You must learn to rise up

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