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Losing Stars

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

She lived under an empty black sky

Used to the dark

Her eyes were specialized for it

Withered photoreceptors

A retina that slept lazily

Out of nowhere

Small pin point stars began to appear

First, too bright for her sensitized eyes

But she slowly let her eyelids open

The stars multiplied

And for the first time

She saw how vast the sky really was

The blanket of navy was alight with constellations

She began to count the stars

Gave each a name

Even the dimmest

She felt full

She felt loved

And she loved them back

But then the stars began to drop out of the sky

Slowly at first

One by one

Some faded into singularities

Others crashed down in a fiery blaze

Just missing her small, fragile body

One day

They disappeared completely

Without warning or commotion

They were just


She grew afraid of the dark

A dark that was once so familiar and comforting

Looking up at the sky that she could no longer see

(For there were no landmarks)

She cried tears from empty eyes

Lenses that reflected nothing

And she cursed the stars for showing her light

For bringing joy into a world that hadn't needed it

But had grown to love it

And now it was gone

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