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I am an author, artist, and musician based out of Southern California. After getting a PhD in neuroscience, I became a science writer. I discovered that writing was a deeper part of me than I had ever realized. I began writing fiction and poetry, and I just never stopped.

Learning about the brain turned out to be a fantastic backdrop for science fiction. What better way to mess with reality than by starting with the very organ that filters our reality into a coherent narrative? Nerdy? Absolutely. No apologies.

My favorite stories are those that interrogate reality. Usually, that means science fiction, but I enjoy any fiction that makes me question what it means to be human, to love, to move throughout this world or another.

My first novella, SUM, was published in 2022 (Ellipsis Imprints). It was long-listed with the British Science Fiction Association for best short fiction. I have about a thousand other stories in me, so please follow this space for forthcoming books. You can also find me on Twitter (@sciencegeekmel).

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