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Meet a WIP Character - Jack

Name: Jack Greene

Job: Senior NeuroEngineer

If you'd have asked his parents, they'd have said Jack came out of the womb writing code. You know how some kids like to take toys apart and put them back together? Jack did, too. At the age of 8 he reverse engineered the family computer. At 9, he built a faster one. At age 11, he defined for himself what his life's work would be: to design technology that could interface with the human brain. This, he was sure, would improve humanity.

After completing college and graduate studies by the age of 22, he landed an unprecedented spot as senior neuroengineer fresh out of training. Working for Rolland Turner gave Jack the freedom and resources to build revolutionary brain technology (which you'll have to read my book to know more about). Jack designed and implemented multiple devices that became as common as cell phones were back in the first half of the 21st century.

Technology fills Jack with bliss, though he learns throughout the course of the book that as much as tech can help us, it delivers a devastating blow to what makes us human. The intentions of inventors no longer matter when devices take on a life breathed into them by society.

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