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Meet a WIP Character - Rolland

Name: Rolland Turner

Job: Founder and CEO of powerful neurotech company

Rolland Turner is basically just a cliche': orphaned at young age, bullied in school, raised by adorable, stout Irish woman, obsessed with opera, goes on to be a world leader in neural technologies. You know the drill.

Rolland is a complicated man. After having his heart torn open at age 12, he has decided he is not worthy of love, nor does he believe he lives in a world that can offer it. Scars like Rolland's are complex. This character teaches us that the ways we seek to remedy scars often tear us open wider than the original wound ever did.

But he is worthy of love, even if it's only from his creator. I love Rolland. He is by far my favorite WIP character and I want to tell you everything about him in this blog post, but the truth is that I have invested so much of my time and my soul into this character that I just can't give him away that easily. As so often happens for us writers, I may have wielded the pen (or the laptop) but Rolland revealed himself to me slowly, over the course of a decade. He is just as much a part of me as I am. Ok, that was a bit much. But you get the idea.

Read my book (when its out) and take a ride down the spiral that is Rolland Turner.

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