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Genetics On Demand

Where nature and nurture aren't your only options


About Us

About Us
Image by Jackson Jost

Genetics On Demand got its start in New Orleans, Louisiana, back in 2010. It was a small biotechnology start-up company, focused on harnessing the power genetics and personalized medicine. Since then, G.O.D. has expanded to include 8 research facilities in 3 countries. In 2032, G.O.D. pioneered neuroplastic surgery, or NPS, a procedure that allows patients to change aspects about their personality or behavior. As of the beginning of this year, over 5,000 patients have benefited from NPS. Read their testimonials or contact us to learn how NPS might be right for you.

neuroplastic surgery (nps)


Pioneered by Dr. Jack Greene and Dr. Rolland Turner in 2032, NPS has revolutionized the way we think about form and function. Using patented neurofillament stabilizer and nanodissection tools, our neurosurgeons have the capability to change any aspect of personality or behavior. Have a mood disorder? An addiction? Want to fix it but traditional therapy just doesn't help? Contact our center immediately for a free consultation to see whether NPS is right for you.

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