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Once upon a time, we were the product of our genetics and our rearing. Now, we are no longer forced to settle for nature and nurture. We can alter things about our brains thanks to advances in neurotechnology.

​Jack is a brilliant neuroengineer behind a technology that has changed humanity forever. Halcy is a college student who desperately wants to solve a cold case involving a murder that looms over her family like a dark shroud. Alex is a man who has always found himself half a pace away from monsters. And Rolland? Rolland is a man who can't heal from his past, and holds the loom through which all their yarns are woven.

Come, transport yourself to New Orleans, Louisiana, where science fiction is reality and wounds run deep. Follow Jack and Halcy down the rabbit hole in a quest to save lives and determine truth in a world where even our own brains cannot be trusted. Come with me and ask the question: is technology our friend? Or will it cause us to crumble?

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